THE BRIT VIEW - RVing in the USA

This site had a minor update in June 2014 and an important one May 2016. (originally compiled December 2006)

Keith and Marie

We’re Keith and Marie and our home is in England(UK/GB).

It's Feb 22 2017 and I'll soon be 70, Marie is 67.  We began our trip in July 2004.  Our RVing days have finished and now we spend winter months in a resort in Arizona.  It was a great 8 years travelling the USA but we bought a resort park model in spring 2013 and now enjoy staying a couple of months longer from late fall to early spring.  We do miss the wonderful scenery we saw across the US but we were RVing way longer than we ever anticipated and we're thankful we did what we did.  Park life and activities are suiting us with occasional sightseeing and hiking trips in our beloved Arizona.

This account is now decidely long-in-the-tooth and some information is dated.  Please check carefully into the current situation. Some information here will remain relevant but much may have changed especially prices, now shown just for comparison.


We used to own a 1 Ton, long-box Chevvy Silverado dually with a Duramax turbo-diesel engine / 5 speed Allison auto-transmission power train. This was used to tow our former home, a nominally 36 foot (11.5 metre internally) fifth wheel trailer with three slides. The trailer was rated at 14,000 lbs (6300Kg) gross vehicle weight. (On the road it weighed approximately 13,000lbs). Both were bought in Houston, Texas.

After selling the trailer to friends on our park in 2013 they sold it on in 2016 to another two of our friends who were already in a space across the street from us in their motorhome.  So, completely unpredictably, 'our' fifth wheel trailer is now sited across the street from our own park model home!  The once burned and baked decals have been professionally repainted, the body cleaned and polished, but in all other respects it still looks just the same as it did when we were its proud owners.  I've even been able to help its new owners, our neighbors and shuffleboard friends, with how it works!

Some of the issues we faced before and during our trip are listed on the menu. Although we are Brits, many aspects may be similar for other non-US travelers. They are listed in no particular order of importance.

Much you read here we have experienced personally. Original information has been updated wherever possible but it is important to check the current situation and how details apply to yourself.

A section about Canada (not our personal experience) was added November 2010 for comparison with the US processes.  Additional tyre and storage comments added December 2010, winter 2012 and February 2013.

Security and immigration issues remain a major concern for government in the USA. Changes or updates are likely in the future.

New regulations were introduced January 2009 for Visa Waiver Travellers (see 'Entering the USA')

Would-be travellers should check carefully that information on these pages is still current and relevant.


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